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If you can afford to, please consider a donation...

As more and more people utilize the data, tools, solar banners (for your websites and desktop's) the costs have increased to the point where I cannot continue to maintain without your help. The bandwidth and processing on my ISP server has increased to the point where I have had to upgrade three times, and this is as high as I can go. This last upgrade was 3X the cost of the last one. The problem is simultaneous connections, because of the large number of webpage and desktop banners in use. To date I have been able to cover all server costs myself, but traffic has increased as Solar Cycle 25 moves towards maximum (it has been a long minimum), and I now find I cannot keep up with the costs without your help.

So for those of you that have the solar banners on your webpage or desktop (biggest users of bandwidth and processing), and those that use the on-line tools, please consider a donation of any amount to offset the costs, and keep the banners and services available for everyone to use. Keeping the tools and services free for all to use is still my primary goal. I opted to add a donation box through PayPal for anybody volunteering to donate money to help offset the increased costs. If you do not like online transactions, you can also send a donation the old fashioned way, my address is in the callbook.

I will continue to donate much of my free time and money in keeping all the equipment maintained, and pages up to date with new information and your ideas. Any size donation is appreciated, and all money donated will go towards keeping the equipment and information free for all to use. You can also specify where you want the money to go (websites, repeaters, or weather). I will make sure it is spent as you wish. All donations are voluntary, so if you choose not to make a donation, you can still use all the tools, services, and information available just as before. But if you can afford it, please make a donation.

Very respectfully,
Paul L Herrman (N0NBH) (Ham Toplist website) (Solar/HF Propagation website)